Where do i start…. We are a typical family of four. Our two daughters are four years old and two years old. They are sweet faced, gorgeous angels as every parent would describe their beautiful girls. They also have a wild side that makes them the most adventurous, wild, cheeky, loud and funny kids that surprise me and make me laugh daily.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with parents who loved to travel. Not just loved to travel, it was a passion my parents shared with my sister and I. At every opportunity we had, we were thrust into the back of the old hilux and would be travelling somewhere over the school holidays. We were lucky enough to see so much of our beautiful country before 16 years old and I always dreamt of one day doing that same thing with my own family.

When I met Phill he had barely taken any holidays but i soon fixed that and we flew to Uluru for two weeks for our first holiday! Thankfully this was the perfect place to implant the travel bug into him and we began to plan the rest of our lives around traveling our beautiful backyard with the crazy kids behind!

Join us in our adventures as we travel short and long trips sharing our tips, our destinations and above all how we do it with two crazy kids….(wine and beer!)