A week adventure to the bush

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A weeks escape

Its the usual morning of getting ready to go away. The kids decide its the one day in their lives they want to sleep in, then everyone refuses to eat breakfast. While telling the girls, “come on sweets, lets eat weetbix” it soon progresses to, “EAT OR WE ARE LEAVING YOU AT HOME”. We finally strap everyone in the car ready to go with half eaten toast and no hair being done…but who is going to judge….its camping time!

We have family in Mudgee so the drive almost seems routinely now. Our two children know the usual places we stop to stretch our legs and have lunch. As we drove through Lithgow you can imagine the unimpressed reactions when we didn’t do the usual and very convenient ‘Maccas run’. We told the girls we are having something healthy and to quote Matilda, “I’m not inviting you to my party anymore silly boxes” which is her idea of being nasty. This cold shoulder treatment continued for 20 mins down the road. We both joked about what they will be like in 10 years time….

After realising that a ham and cheese wrap wasn’t the most disgusting food they have eaten they happily travelled the rest of the way to Mudgee with ‘Waltzing Matilda’ being blasted from the Patsy’s speakers.

We had organised to stay at Phill’s brothers place which is on 5000 acres about 40 mins out of Mudgee. They had given us all the directions we needed which consisted of “3 lefts and you wont miss the gate”. We found ourselves driving down a single lane cattle track road towing our caravan behind us, questioning if we are possibly lost… maybe we turned left a few too many times. Suddenly, as we came over a crest on a hill we were greeted by the most magnificent white gates I could imagine being straight from “The crown” TV series. This was our indication we were in the right place.

Once we were settled, our neices and nephew wanted to show us around their house, which was a late 1800’s grand farm house consisting of 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. We went for a walk and met their 3 pet pigs and many goats. Much to their surprise, Matilda showed of her wild side by wanting to go into their yards to catch a pig and goat.

With all the running and excitment of playing the girls weren’t keen to go to bed at all. But after each having a late bath and a glass of milk they settled in quickly. Just as Phill and I were settling in with a book for the night, Tilly surprised us by sitting up quickly and vomiting all through her bed. She then began walking towards our end of the van and vomiting across the kitchen floors and up the cupboards. THANK GOODNESS for baby wipes…to spare you the gruesome details we went through a packet of baby wipes before being able to disinfect the floors. As this was only a quick week getaway I realised I didn’t pack any spare sheets for their bed… Such a rookie mistake.

By 10.30pm we all passed out in bed after a huge eventful day wondering what the week ahead will bring us….20180115_204000

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