A week adventure in the bush…part 2

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After the vomatron attack the night before from 4 year old Matilda, we had a slow start again as I was still trying to get the smell out of the van. I was also a little terrified about the idea of taking Matilda away into the bush with a vomiting bug.

We hit the road excited at the idea of heading to our favourite destination Newnes. Newnes is an old shale mining area located in the Wolgan Valley. The drive into Newnes is incredibly picturesque. If you have a chance to stop at the top of the mountain you will get some incredible photos looking down into the Wolgan Valley. There is a safe place to stop on the right with plenty of room! Going down the mountain is always very windy and narrow. I always get nervous especially this time towing our van. Thankfully it was an uneventful driving down without passing anyone.

As we arrived at the camp ground we were greeted by a very well manicured paddock with many kangaroos. There was only one other tent set up so we had the freedom to choose anywhere. We could see a beautiful stop under the trees right next to the Wolgan River. Although its called a river, it has the look of a crystal clear flowing creek. It was only to the depth of our knees at the front of our van with a smooth sand bottom. Just perfect for the kids! We quickly unhitched the van and went straight to the creek for an afternoon cool off.

27021912_399613040477886_290153822877485862_o - Copy

Hallelujah the kids slept in!…… I can’t believe it as I’m typing this. You will soon get to know that our children are not the best sleepers but unbelievably they slept in until 8.30 am! The simple joys of a mother. Now I may explain it as a lovely feeling, but the way we were woken up was just scary. You see usually we have to sleep with a child each as they always fight and wake each other up at night, but they seemed so tired so we gave them the benefit of the doubt. We woke up to both of them giggling and then Phill shockingly exclaims, “ARE THE GIRLS OUTSIDE?”. YES, YES THEY WERE!! Matilda and Harriet had both unlocked our caravan and gone to use our camping toilet set up outside. We called out, “what on earth are you doing?”. Matilda proudly says, “I’m just using the toilet and teaching Harriet how to wee wee”. This really scared us as we always thought about keeping people out of the caravan not keeping the kids inside the van. So now we have to look a new locks, out of the reach of toddlers hands to make sure they don’t do anymore early morning toilet walks next to the creek.

We decided to go for a drive to the Glow Worm Tunnels. We decided to drive Black Fellows Hand Fire Trail which we have done countless times now and it always seems to change with weather conditions. It also makes the trip a lot quicker. This time is was one of the worst conditions we have seen it. Nothing that would ever stop Patsy the Prado, but it definitely took some maneuvers and technical driving. We ate lunch on the drive as it was forecast for 37 degrees and we weren’t to keen to be sitting around in the sun. We arrived at the glow worm tunnels to a full car park but got set for our walk anyway. we loaded up with water and torches with the girls so excited about seeing worms (the simple joys in life). I carried a stick with us the entire way incase of snakes. We walked very slowly as the girls were adamant they were going to walk the entire 2 km return walk. After 300 m Harriet was already looking to be carried so she jumped on Daddys shoulders for the walk. This walk was so lovely and very easy. There were a few stairs to climb but nothing the kids couldn’t handle, or myself. The tunnel possessed so much history with pieces of steal sitting around the area showing signs of a lot of work from back in the day. Make sure you pack your torch as the tunnel is extremely dark, but the glow worms are amazing. The kids were amazed by them and were so intrigued by how they glow.

We recently splashed out and purchased a Baby Q Webber. Other than being the most amazing purchase we have made in a while, I love that i no longer have the smell of cooked dinner in the caravan all night long. I set the girls up with a movie at the table waiting for dinner to be cooked. As i was outside telling Phill how simple cooking outside is, I could hear Tilly telling Harriet, “Shhh this is going to be so yummy”. You see Tilly has a tendency to believe she is old enough to cook for herself just like every other 4 yr old, going on 24 years old. Usually i like to encourage her love of helping in the kitchen but in the caravan makes it a little to dangerous being close quarters. All I found on the table was an empty bottle of BBQ sauce and a piece of bread absolutely smothered in very thick sauce. Although she was absolutely so proud of her yummy dinner, you can imagine her tantrum when i told her she wasn’t eating half a bottle of BBQ sauce for tea. Oh the joys….

20180117_183053 (2)


The following day was forecast to be above 40 degrees. We had very little plans, everything consisted of sitting in the creek under the shade all day. It was an amazing day to do nothing except swim and eat! Half way through the day i noticed Tilly had lots of dots around her mouth and before we knew it she was covered in small blisters. As soon as i saw it i knew it was hand foot and mouth…bugger! Time to start disinfecting the van and everything else…again!

The day to go home was considerably cooler making the clean up so much easier and quick. It was such a lovely drive out of Newnes like always. This time we had to stop at the top of the lookout as we smelt a suspicious smell of a nappy. As we pulled up I noticed Harriet has chocolate on her chin. As I got closer I realised it was NOT chocolate but she had been muching on the contents of her nappy and IT WAS EVERYWHERE!! Under her nails, in her teethm through her hair, down her shirt…it was endless and horrendous!

At this point I was 110% happy to be going home to a shower!


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