The half lap…

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So it’s two days until we leave for our dream trip… and I haven’t packed anything. Of course Phill has packed all the necessary things for the trip, but I just cannot get the time to get everything packed up inside. I’m definitely someone that needs a list when I’m packing so I thankfully have my huge list I’ve been adding to over the last week, but I find it so overwhelming to remember what the kids need while on the road. As any parents knows it’s very hard to pack children’s belongings when they use it up until the morning we leave i.e. bottles, comfort blankets etc. so i know I will have a lot of last minute packing to do and just pray i don’t forget essentials.

As I am trying to pack I obviously also have the children to care for throughout the day. So as I’m outside in the van they are inside the house pulling apart everything. They think it’s Christmas Day with all the new gadgets they are finding, I just want to get packed and it eventually becomes a war between us all day. Any clothes I lay on the bed to pack they come and unfold it all and mix it up. I find all the electronics and chargers, they then tie the chargers around their bellys to pretend they are galloping horses…the struggle is real and lasts for days, (yes i even tried bribing them with an Ipad and chocolate but apparently piles of undies on the bed are more interesting).

So after a very late night of packing we are finally ready to hit the road on Monday 26th June 2017. We had this great idea that if we leave extra early we will get a few hours driving in before our kids wake for breakfast. Well like any plans that involve children, that went out the window quickly when our 19 months old thought it was time to be awake and proceeded to cry for the first hour of driving. At this point in time we are already typical tired parents wondering what on earth have we done!


After we stopped for breakfast and stretched our legs, thankfully the rest of the drive to Nyngan was easy, uneventful and relaxing. We have my parents coming along for the trip too so it was nice to meet them along the way ready to find a good camp site. We checked out our Wikicamps App, which we will grow to love and rely on heavily through out our trip. We found the Nyngan Weir has camping available for free. This has no amenities or power but it was clean and quite with only one other camper. We arrived with enough time to set up and have a wander around the weir which was quite nice.


We were curious why the other camper already have their air conditioning going with their generator. As we thought it was lovely weather. We very quickly realised immediately as the sun goes behind the trees its become extremely cold in the camp site and we all escaped to the comfort of our caravans quite quickly. Thankfully we could not hear their generator at all, but being so cold it wouldn’t have bothered and if we had one, it would have been going too!

We woke up that morning and quickly cooking breakfast on the gas stove to warm the van up. Our phone told us it had gotten to -3 that night. Thankfully we had packed large wool blankets which meant while in bed we were toasty and warm. It wasn’t long before we were all ready to hit the road for a long day drive to Broken Hill.

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