Travelling with kids

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So many people have asked how do we travel with kids so young. It can be so difficult at times, in such tiny quarters and not a lot of room to yourself. These are just a few things that have worked for us.

Look at your set up…

When we had our first daughter we were still using a swag. We had this grand idea of how lovely it would be having a new born sleeping between us all night long, while camping in the natural bush land with the light smell of fire smoke in the cool air. How mistaken were we… We did however get back to camping when our daughter was 8 weeks old in the tent we still currently have. It rained most of the weekend, so our tent leaked and there wasn’t must to do outside without having bubs get saturated. Although it absolutely didn’t scare us away from these adventures, it did make us look at our set up and how good it is for kids. Now that i think about it, most of our purchases and set ups we have since had, have always been around the kids and making life on the road easier for us all to cope.



I have always been the type of parent who hasn’t been too fussed about routines, until our youngest daughter Harriet arrived. She threw us a curve ball we never expected and she would only settle with a very strict routine every night. So obviously i continued this to make travelling easier for the girls. While on our half lap in 2017 it took about 3-4 weeks before the girls settled into the life of being on the road.  Our girls aren’t the best sleepers anyway, so I was very anxious in wanting it to always be smooth and stress free. 

Remembering they are just kids

Both our children are very head strong and can be very stubborn (they take after their dad, not me at all). We were finding on the road they were getting very overwhelmed with lots of things happening and moving camps often. We had to remind ourselves they are just kids who want to play. So most of our driving days were mainly about hunting for the best parks we could find. These games gave our girls something to look out for along the way and chat about, as well as the excitement on finding one and spending time just with them playing. Many times when your in the middle on no where and theres just rocks for miles, we had to get inventive about what can be used as a park. Many trees or large rocks became climbing parks.


We had packed so many toys, crafts, and games as I just didn’t know what to expect on the road. I can now 100% say our girls barely used any of them. The main things they used along the way were playdough, blocks, drawing and reading books. If they weren’t using these toys they were playing with other children we met along the way, or playing in the dirt somewhere. Being on the road for so long gave us an eye opening experience about minimalism and how we just didn’t need as much ‘stuff’ as we took. Nature is such a vast learning tool for children and we could see them thriving off seeing so many things in their natural environments.


Above everything I have written I always thought of travelling as something I love to experience to see our beautiful country and wonderful people. Now we travel with kids I find we base it all on giving our children the opportunities to learn about our  its culture, beauty and diversity. Nothing beats seeing your child’s face light up over something they can see, touch smell or hear. Travelling isn’t just about relaxing and having time away from work for us. It’s all about  having different experiences and most of all making wonderful memories as a family we will cherish forever.

Let’s all kick up dust and make some memories…

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