Review #1- ‘Peg less washing line’

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We recently acquired a peg less washing line to try on our adventures. We are currently at home in prep mode so I decided why not try it in the back yard when I had a load of towels and blankets washing. I thought if this washing line doesn’t hold the towels or blanket then I know if wont hold a load of underwear.

The first thing I love about this product is it displays ‘Made in Australia’ on the packaging. We can never go past supporting Australian made products so straight away it was a win for me. I was a little disappointed that the plastic bag it comes in isn’t reusable, it would be awesome if it was resealable. That certainly wont stop me though, just means i will have to get my sewing machine out and make a funky bag for it so we don’t loose all the pieces 🙂


Assembly was so simple, quick and very self explanatory. There was no need to read the instructions on the packaging. Our 4 year old helped me out it together, and then she even wanted to help me hang the washing… i think i’ll keep encouraging this interest in the new clothes line.

Hanging up the towels and blankets I was a little concerned it wouldn’t hold and was super impressed when it held them with ease. I thought being quite heavy they would just slip out but it did the job perfect. I could have easily fit one more towel on there if needed. The length of it is great at 2 m. I don’t think you would want it any shorter or longer due to being a perfect size for an awning…well it fits our van awning perfect.


Overall we love the design and concept and will happily be leaving the bag of pegs and extra rope at home. It folds up super small and above all is so light weight it can fit anywhere.

If you would love to support a great Australian Made product by yours today through the link:

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